Introduction to Blockchain

The Blockchain is a decentralized database system that is stored in ledgers distributed in many nodes. The Stellar network with which the MIJAS COIN (MJA) cryptocurrency has been created is an open source hybrid Blockchain infrastructure for payments.

You can see all the information on the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrency Blockchain in real time here: SEE BLOCKCHAIN

How was MIJAS COIN born?

It all begins when a challenge appears, when a problem arises or, simply, when our curiosity is aroused. In either case, a creative challenge appears, a seed that, from within us, sets our creativity in motion.

The cryptocurrency revolution is here to stay. Increasingly, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum occupy an important place in the economic life of our countries, helping us to purchase goods and services, a means of saving, and even a financial investment instrument.

The creation of a virtual, decentralized and transparent currency such as the MIJAS COIN (MJA) cryptocurrency, is a prospect that is attractive to hundreds of thousands of people, organizations and companies in Mijas and around the world. And thanks to the technological development that has occurred in recent years, it is a process that can be carried out quite simply and globally.

How does the cryptocurrency market work?

Cryptocurrency markets are decentralized, which means that cryptocurrencies are not issued or endorsed by any central authority, such as a government.

Instead, they are managed through a computer network, although they can be bought and sold on trading markets and stored in portfolios (electronic wallet or Wallet).

Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies only exist as a shared digital property record stored on blockchains. When a user wants to send cryptocurrency units to another, they send them to the recipient’s digital wallet. The transaction is not considered complete until it is verified and added to the blockchain.

When does the price of a Cryptocurrency fluctuate?

Cryptocurrencies are in essence like traditional currencies, they are mainly based on people’s trust. Their rates are completely dependent on supply and demand. However, there are also several other conditions that indirectly affect the prices of virtual currencies.

The more people are interested and want to buy a certain coin, the higher its price. However, this can change quickly, as the news influences public opinion.

How to give value to the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrency?

There are several important factors to consider before launching a marketing campaign to publicize a cryptocurrency in the market:

1.- Human Capital:

An idea can be very good, but if there is not a team of professionals behind it, it will never be successful. In the NGO #SoydeMijas we are qualified and prepared people with regard to each social-economic sector of our municipality and our vision of the world is GLOBAL.

2.- The importance of the Brand:

A good brand is one that offers a unique image, transmits unmistakable values ​​and generates an emotional bond with its customer. The importance of the MIJAS COIN brand is in its ability to evoke emotions and be remembered.

3.- Competitive difference:

The originality of the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrency lies in its ability to synthesize in an image or in a name a whole universe that would otherwise be difficult to tell. Mijas Coin tells a story to its audience. The competitive Difference of our cryptocurrency cannot be copied, it belongs to the DNA of our brand and is the key to positioning it in the minds of consumers.

If you look at the 2 sides of the coin:

a.- In the front side of the coin we have a logo that draws much attention and remember the Y GREEK of “Donkeys” and within the brand logo COIN MIJAS that identifies the currency and its origin appears.

b.- On the other side of the coin (reverse) we find the image of donkeys (which are the symbol of Mijas), some M-shaped lines that symbolize the mountains of Mijas Pueblo and a sun that represents our climatic characteristic. Finally below the image we see the English text: “FREE THE DONKEYS” which has a loud and clear message: We are against animal abuse and the continuous and “justified” exploitation of donkeys both in Mijas and anywhere else. of the world.

4.- A Strong Community

For a cryptocurrency to become famous, it must also be backed by a Strong Community. The Municipality of Mijas is for the following reasons:

a.- Citizens of hundreds of nationalities of the world live in Mijas.

b.- It is an international tourist place in the enclave of the Costa del Sol.

These 2 characteristics are enough to push the Mijas Coin (The Donkey Coin) cryptocurrency to the rest of the world. For that to happen, the only thing we Mijeños will have to do is use our digital wallet for free as many times as we can to carry out: bartering, exchanges or to attract, for example, new customers to our stores. All you have to do is transfer the cryptocurrencies from one digital wallet to another in a few seconds by scanning QR codes.


MIJAS COIN launch campaign

It consists of 5 phases:


Start date: May 30, 2021.

1,000 million MIJAS COIN cryptocurrencies will be given away as follows:

a.- 860 million cryptocurrencies will be distributed exclusively in the municipality of Mijas. Each citizen or business registered in Mijas will automatically receive 10,000 gift cryptocurrencies when creating their profile for free on #SoydeMijas, the Mijas social network:

b.- 140 million cryptocurrencies will be distributed in all the municipalities of the Costa del Sol. Each citizen or business in the province of Malaga will automatically receive 10,000 gift cryptocurrencies when creating their profile for free on #SoydeMijas, the Mijas social network: www

Keep in mind: Once your profile has been created, within your user area (in the “Mijas Coin” section) you will find all the information on how to increase your digital assets by earning even more cryptocurrencies by being an active part of the social network. You can also watch a video with very simple instructions to create your electronic wallet where we will finally send you the Mijas Coin cryptocurrencies.



Phase 2 consists of familiarizing citizens with the use of the electronic wallet. For this reason, the Mijas Shops (which have a free and active profile on the #SoydeMijas social network) will be in charge of giving away another 1000 million MIJAS COIN cryptocurrencies as follows:

10 MIJAS COIN cryptocurrencies will be given away for each euro spent in the commercial establishment (there will be a sticker of the cryptocurrency on the door of each establishment that adheres to the promotion).

Example: I go to the Gambas Cristal restaurant in the Lagunas de Mijas and I spend 30 euros on food, upon receiving the account I provide the QR code of my electronic wallet and in a matter of seconds the merchant transfers 300 MIJAS COIN cryptocurrencies to me.

Any citizen of the province of Malaga may benefit from this promotion, thus increasing their virtual assets. At the same time, we will be generating 100 million euros of turnover to all the establishments of Mijas that adhere to the promotion).


For reasons of market strategy and professional secrecy we cannot reveal phase 3 now. Any information published ahead of time would impair the originality of our market plan.


For reasons of market strategy and professional secrecy we cannot reveal phase 4 now either. Any information published ahead of time would impair the originality of our market plan.


A cryptocurrency exchange is the meeting point where the exchanges of these are made in exchange for money (euros or dollars) or other cryptocurrencies. In these online exchange houses is where the market price is generated that marks the value of cryptocurrencies based on supply and demand.

Examples of these platforms can be Binance, Kraken, Coinbase or Bitfinex.

For a cryptocurrency to enter the exchanges and trading of digital currencies it needs to have an economic backing of hundreds of millions of euros (or dollars ).

How are we going to get it?

It is achieved by attracting the interests of large investment funds and companies related to the digital stock market. Therefore, during the 5 launch phases, we will market only 1/5 of the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrencies and we will keep 4/5, or 80% of the cryptocurrencies, in a reserve and guarantee fund.​

It will be this reserve that large investment funds buy in order to inject the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrency into international markets.

From this moment on, the MIJAS COIN cryptocurrency will fluctuate freely as other famous cryptocurrencies currently do, and its value (in euros or dollars) will vary according to demand, supply and the stock market.  

Finally, and after this phase, our digital investment can be exchanged for any market value and anywhere in the world.

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